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Shrink wrap L sealers quickly and effectively cut film around a product for shrink wrapping. Because the sealer uses and L pattern, sealing can be completed in one pass. L-bar sealers can be used in conjunction with heat guns or tunnels. We have a wide variety of sizes available that will work with both PVC and Polyolefin shrink wrap film. Order your L-bar sealer today!

Shrink Wrap L Sealers
Product DescriptionSize Sale
Portable L-Bar Shrinkwrap Sealer
Portable L-Bar Shrinkwrap Sealer
One step fast acting shrinkwrap system for P.P., P.V.C., P.E. material. Unit makes 2 seals at one time with energy saving timer. 13" x 13" seal and cutting bars up to 0.025 mm thick film. 500 W power, seal time 1 - 4 seconds. Film dispenser rack included.
13" x 13"

Standard L-Bar Shrinkwrap Sealer
Standard L-Bar Shrinkwrap Sealer
The AIE line of L-Bar shrinkwrap sealers, provides the user the ability to produce products that have a factory-fresh clean look and feel. These L-Bar systems can create packages that are free of dust, moisture and fingerprints regardless of shape.
18" x 18"
24" x 32"
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SLAU 50/50 & 80/60 Shrink Wrap System
SLAU 50/50 & 80/60 Shrink Wrap System
The SLAU 50/50 and SLAU 80/60 are high volume, reliable shrink wrapper designed for continuous operation. The SLAU 50/50 machine can shrink up to 40 packs per minute, while the SLAU 80/60 can shrnk up to 30 packs per minute. Vertical and horizontal pack detection, a variable speed conveyor and an adjustable sealing jaw make this shrink wrap machine a very versatile system. Shrink wrap DVDs, CDs, software packages, boxes and even food!
20" L X 20" W
23" L X 31" W
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If you have any questions about the shrink wrap L sealers that we offer, or if you'd like to order a L sealer, please feel free to call us at 1-888-225-9880.

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