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Roll Lamination Film

Lamination Type Core Size Width Hot / Cold Uses
Clear Lamination Film 1" 4" - 27" or
10 cm - 69 cm
Hot Multi-Purpose / Most Common
Clear is an everyday lamination film that will adhere to most ink lay downs. Clear is popular with schools and copy shops because it works great on a variety of substances. Clear gives your document a glass-like appearance. Temperature range: 210°-275°
Matte Lamination Film 1" 12" - 27" or
30 cm - 69 cm
Hot Multi-Purpose
Matte is a high-quality lamination film that has a glare free finish. Matte has a slightly granular texture that is frosted to reduce glare. Matte will work with pencil, pen, and marker. Temperature range: 210°-275° *2-3 Week Lead Time
UV Lamination Film 1" - 2 1/4" 12" - 40" or
30 cm - 102 cm
Hot UV Protection from Sun
UV is Clear with the added benefits of UV protection. Prints last up to 5 times longer when UV is used to laminate them. Temperature range: 185°-195°
Pressure Sensitive Lamination Film 3" 25" - 61" or
64 cm - 155 cm
Cold Multi-Purpose / Temperature Sensitive Material / For Econocraft Laminators
Pressure sensitive lamination film does not require heat and can be used with Econocraft laminators. Lamination film is applied by an adhesive rather than a hot glue. Great for use with temperature sensitive products and ink.
DIGIKote UV Film 3" 25" - 60" or
64 cm to 152 cm
Hot Wide Format Documents and Posters / UV Protection from Sun
DIGIKote is one of the most trusted lamination films on the market. This film is specially designed to protect laminated items from damaging ultraviolet rays.
BanTac Films and Adhesives 3" 25" - 61" or
64 cm - 155 cm
Cold Multi-Purpose / Temperature Sensitive Material / For Finisher Laminators
Pressure-Sensitive laminating films in matte, luster and gloss finishes as well as pressure sensitive, heat-activated mounting adhesives, and ultimate UV resistance without distorting image or color. BanTac is made for Finishers 2700, and 6300.
DigiSeal Lamination Film 1", 2 1/4", 3" 12" - 60" or
30 cm - 152 cm
Hot Low-Temp Film for Ink Jet Printers
A special low-temp film designed to work specifically with today's modern wide format ink jet printers. With or without UVI protection.

Roll Cleaners and Supplies

Item Description
Dry Mounting Tissue
Dry mount tissue is a permanent heat activated tissue formulated for easier bonding of porous papers and other smooth materials. Dry mount tissue allows air to easily pass through (not recommended for resin-coated photos.) Great for mounting posters and similar materials.
Foam Mounting Boards
Foam mounting boards, tacking irons, weights, and adhesive sprays. Boards from 20" x 30" to 32" x 40"
Xyron Laminator Supplies
Supplies for the Xyron cold laminators. As well as a sales and profit model.
Laminator Cleaning Kit
For extended machine life and error-free operation, we highly recommend our Laminator Cleaning Kit. The ideal way to clean your laminator heat shoes and rubber rollers. Kit includes a can of foam cleaner and cleaning pads.
A 32 oz. can of X-241 roller cleaner, designed for cleaning rubber/silicone laminating rollers.

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