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Cutting through corrugated plastic, substrate board, PVC plastic and other materials requires special equipment if it is to be done right. Lamination Plus has a great selection of rail-style cutters designed to do just that. Many of our cutters are designed to cut through plastic, glass, foam core and much more. Browse through our great selection and order yours today!

Multi-Purpose Board Cutters
Product DescriptionCutting LengthCutting Capacity Sale
Simplex Paper Cutter
Simplex Paper Cutter
The Simplex paper cutter is the latest substrate cutter to be released by Foster Keencut. Made in the UK, these cutters are tested and fine tuned in the factory to be extremely accurate and reliable. Not only does it cut signs, posters and banners, it can cut through a wide range of substrates such as corrugated plastic, PVC foamboard, fabrics, vinyl and much more.
44", 64", 84", 104", 124"
10mm (.40") Starting at
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Javelin Series 2 Cutter
Javelin Series 2 Cutter
This cutter not only looks nice, but it works great. It is ideally used for daily cutting operations. A high-end cutting head, Graphik blades and a reversible design makes this cutter perfect for right and left-handed operators.
44", 64", 84", 104", 124"
12.7mm (.5") Starting at
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Foster Sabre Series 2
Foster Sabre Series 2
If you print, sell or deal with signs, banners, posters and other large-format prints, you may want to consider using a wide-format cutter like the Foster Keencut Sabre Series 2 GPC. This is what's referred to as a substrate cutter or a multi-purpose cutter.
44"-124"   Starting at
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Excalibur 1000
Excalibur 1000
The Excalibur 1000 features a cutter head with interchangeable utility blade and plastic scoring blade and features a ratchet device making it ideal for cutting rigid PVC up to 1/2" thick.
63" up to ½"

Excalibur 5000
Excalibur 5000
The Excalibur 5000 is so easy to operate that it can be mastered within minutes. It delivers accurate, fast cutting with square clean cuts to the correct size every time, whether for one-off jobs or full production runs.
63" up to ½"

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